What kind of trader am I?

I am a value based trader. Molded from auction market theory, I rely on Market Profile and Long Term VWAPs to provide me with a narrative and contextual setup. I use these tools to determine where value is and what the current market condition is. This allows me to identify trade setups that have a high risk reward ratio and play off the markets balance or imbalance. When the market is in balance my job is to be trading from the outside in, and when imbalanced, the outside farther out.

I use intraday tools such as volume profile, VWAP, cumulative delta, and other indicators to let me express my contextual thesis on a smaller time frame. My constant goal as a trader is to be identifying what the market is up to and then determining where the key inflections are for that market that will offer me the risk reward required to take the trade.

This means that in most cases my targets should be large and that I am not a scalper. I do not trade in the middle of value, nor do I trade off of a tweet, news report, or signal.

As I develop my process and define objective standards for markets, I will work towards quantifying parts of my methodology, or become "bionic".