Meta-analysis of trading statistics and setups.

A meta-analysis of trades taken will occur every week, and month. Followed by a yearly review specifically on macro trends from the prior year and areas for improvement.

Weekly Review

The weekly review will be the nitty gritty one. Here I look into every trade I took that week and identify where my biggest weakness were, as well as setups I showed strength in.

This review's intent is to quickly identify common errors in process or areas of my trading that lack process/clarity.

Steps for weekly review:

  1. Evaluate each trade and ID any process violations.

  2. Evaluate the quality of the prep & review for those days.

  3. Identify any days where you had mental back-shifting. What occurred prior?

  4. Dig into any DLL days and target the root causes for that.

  5. List any common comprises or errors in your trading.

  6. Evaluate the consistency of the process goal.

  7. Evaluate progress on monthly goals.

// More to be added.

Monthly Review

This review session is to look at some larger trends in the data as well as goal setting. The point of monthly goals is to target small components of a yearly goal. These goals should be defined and systematic.

  1. What monthly goals were accomplished? What is left? How does this set you up for your yearly goals?

  2. What are the current market conditions and how have you responded to it? Have your stats shifted in any dramatic or significant way? Identify anomalies.

  3. What are your goals for next month?

Yearly Review