Self Care

Daily routine & checks.

To enable you to make the best possible trading decisions, it is critical to develop and enforce a self care component to your daily routine. This will enable you to ensure that you are in a optimal state of mind of trading decisions and navigate states in which you may not be in the best position to trade.

Questions to ask before the open:

  • Am I mentally and technically ready to trade? (Consider sleep, stress, etc.)

  • Do I have any personal or technical expectations that I am entering the market with? Am I over confident in any thesis?

  • Are you in a flow state, open and willing to interpret market generated information?

These questions are asked at the pre-market meeting 5-10 minutes before the open.

Daily Routine

0500 Lights

0500-0515 Wake Up, Clean Up, Energize

0515-0545 Pre-Market Prep

0550-0600 Pre-Market Check Up and Trading Unlocked

0600-1130 Pit Session (Breaks every 30 Minutes)

1200-1300 Monitor Close

1300-1500 Gym

1530 - Post Session Review & Recap