Defines how I enter a trade.


  • All components of the qualification process are valid.

  • No news/events coming up soon.

  • In an environment that in conducive to your methodology.

  • Offers a proper risk to reward ratio.

  • Not in a chop zone.

Volume Chart

Ensure you are stalking the trade on a clean, fractal/rhythm based rotation. Ensure there is proper excess into the highs of that rotation. Enter when you see HA shift and turn of the tape.

There should be limited bar over bar overlap and the market should have opened up prior to stalking.

Order Flow

See pressure hit the delta. Ideally on the ladder you will identify one of the three happening:

  1. Absorption of the dominant side.

  2. Immediate shift in aggression of parties.

  3. Dominant side all of a sudden drying up/drifting away.