Laws of market dynamics, applied to any value distribution.

Law 1

If price accepts into a balance area, likely to revert to other side of balance.

Law 2

Price inside a balance area is expected to reject edges of balance until proven otherwise.

Law 3

Price action is “choppier” inside balance areas.

Law 4

If price accepts outside a balance, likely to become imbalanced.

Law 5

What doesn’t happen can be the most important information.

Law 6

Often time the “destination” of an imbalance is a prior older balance area, and often times its POC.

Law 7

If price reacts strongly from a POC, that can disrupt law #1.

Law 8

Price often “retests” edges of balance areas to “firm up” the area.

Law 9

Time limits the opportunities – often after a destination is achieved in a session, there’s less opportunity.

Law 10

Time time/volume builds at the edge of a balance or range, price is likely to push through.